Monday, 16 March 2015

Grey Bows

I know, I know it's been ages! I've been busy with so many projects such as my new healthy living and spiritual blog Youtubing and more youtubing.

Modest Fashion Outfit - Grey Bows

Modest Outfit - Maxi Skirt & Fur

Grey Bow Jumper With Ostrich Fur Collar

Black Maxi Skirt Grey Bow Jumper & Ostrich Fur Collar

For this look I wore some comfy converse with a black button down maxi skirt. I teamed it with a white shirt worn underneath a grey knitted vest which features cute bows. The puffer jacket is basic but so warm. It is upgraded just by adding the gorgeous faux ostrich fur collar.

Shaggy Black and White Jumper

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I love textured pieces like this shaggy jumper. I teamed it with a vintage leather skirt. Some cat eye glasses. White coat and shoes.


Jumper : NastyGal     Leather Skirt : Vintage (Thrifted)   Shoes : Choies
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Friday, 19 December 2014

Grey Hues

The shoes, fluffy cardigan, pattern on my shirt and bag look white in these pictures but they're actually pale grey.

I feel like the print on the shirt goes well the snakeskin bag.
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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Deep Blue

This fur gilet is in such a lovely shade of blue, and I was over the moon to find a pair of ankle boots that perfectly match! 

 I would wish you all a happy Christmas but I don't celebrate it. Christ wasn't born on Christmas day. Christmas is pagan and December 25th is Nimrods birthday. Look it up!

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Keep It Covered

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I wear headcoverings to pray as the Bible speaks about women dishonoring their heads when they pray with their head uncovered  1 Corinthians Chapter 11 verses 5 to 9 

I love the mesh of colours in this soft fluffy jumper.

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